What exactly is a Container?

If you aren't living under a rock, you must have heard term containers or docker at least. Have you ever wondered what exactly a container is? I sure as hell did. So I did a quick google search and the first result was from docker.com. I am quoting an exact sentence from the website below.

A container is a standard unit of software that packages up the code and all its dependencies so the application runs quickly and reliably from one computing environment to another.

But this didn't make much sense to me. (If it did to you, please do let me know how and what.)

I kinda made peace with it though as I couldn't find anything different. Before yesterda

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Published in 5/2019

Monitor your data usage in Linux

vnStat is a command line utility which helps users in monitoring, logging and viewing network statistics over various time periods for various network interfaces.
##How to install?
For Arch and its derivatives:

pacman -S vnstat

For Debian and its derivatives:

apt install vnstat

##How to setup?
vnStat monitors data usage on a network interface basis so first you'll need to know the name of the network interface you want to monitor.
For that, run below command in terminal:

ip link

To initialize monitoring on any network interface, run following command:

vnstat -u -i wlp0s20u2

Here wlp0s20u2 is name of my netw

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Published in 11/2018

Dead simple proxy!

On one fine night, I am searching google for some stuff and I follow a search result and what do I see? "Access Denied....".

I have this curiosity about knowing stuff and it often leads me to some websites where I am greeted by this message from my university firewall. And so I need to use VPNs to access those sites. But my university firewall is so smart! It detects and blocks any kind of data coming from VPN by magic(I don't know how they exactly detect it and blocks any internet traffic. It is simple to block many public VPNs because we can know their IP ranges and so we can block any connection requ

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Published in 9/2018

Oh Geez NetworkManager, Why are you so picky about interface name?

Some weeks ago, after a system update, I felt my internet connection is lagging too much, so after some speed tests and manual testing, I got to know that I was getting the only 1/10th of the bandwidth than what is provided by wifi router. And latency was also crazy high. I looked at logs but there wasn't anything suspicious. Then obviously I turned to google to see if anyone else had such a problem. And to my surprise, I found out that many people had been experiencing this problem and the root cause of the issue was the ancient drivers of my wireless card(RTL8723BE). I asked for any solution on the forum and got some suggestions or more of workarounds. But

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Published in 8/2018

Django in application!

After so many efforts, I finally built my own blogging platform(kinda!) using Django web framework.

The reason behind choosing Django was solely my hate for JS! And I am satisfied with the results of choosing Django. But I wouldn't recommend using Django for Responsive web apps(based on what little knowledge I acquired in these days!). You can search what are the features and benefits of Django on the internet, so I won't bore you with that but I will talk about the thing I liked the best.

When it comes to Frontend web development, I am terrible(You can guess from the design of this blog itself!). But Django has kind of inheritance for HTML templates u

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Published in 7/2018